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                        That's why Maid 4 You is made for YOU!
Here at MAID 4 YOU! we believe you are entitled to daily good news; and as a part of that good news, we believe that you should always know what to expect from us! Why? Because at MAID 4 YOU we come to you with 6 1/2 years of proven ability ... and a solid work ethic.

MAID 4 YOU can help get your home cleaned -and organized, in more ways than you can imagine! And ... we can help ease your mind and your hectic schedule by returning to you your most important treasure: "The Gift of Time!" We're a cut above others in the home and business cleaning profession; and we'll "shake out" the "dust bunnies" (even from under your frig and oven), and blow them all away, so you can enjoy the quality time you've always desired to spend with your family!

At MAID 4 YOU, we understand the demands of the busy family life! We are based in northeastern Indiana, and currently serve the Auburn, Fort Wayne, Waterloo, Kendallville, and N.E. Indiana, Michigan (Coldwater Lake region) and Ohio areas. So whether you require weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning services, or only desire a one-time thorough cleaning around the holidays, we pledge to meet your needs!

MAID 4 YOU provides prompt, dependable, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, discreet, and loyal service. We especially believe in the "service" portion of our total commitment to you; because we believe you should have honest work for your dollar, and a reason to trust having us in your home again.

While most cleaning services may not offer their dollar amount, we believe we should give you some idea of what costs run today.
  • MAID 4 YOU charges only $20.00 an hour, because we try to keep our costs as tight as we can. We are lower than any other services we know of at this time (the lowest we've seen is $28.50 per hour - upwards to $35.00 an hour). And, we carry everything we need with us to do the job! (Sadly, we may have to increase our rates a few dollars by mid-2013, but will keep as tight as possible: promise!)
  • For that amount, we keep our Monday - Friday schedule limited to TWO cleanings per day, at 4 hours in each home ... unless you have a 5,000 to 7,000 s/f home, in which case, we are with you for the day.
  • Because all homes vary so as to their needs, a very light idea of what this means is: we do a THOROUGH cleaning of a (roughly) 1,700 s/f home. That means bathrooms (up to 2) and the kitchen are scoured, all surfaces dusted, carpets swept, hardwood/tile/linoleum/slate floors mopped, fans wiped down (if easy access), and your entry glass windows shined. In most homes, baseboards, overheads and doors will need a second appointment.
  • This schedule no longer includes our doing dishes, laundry, or cleaning kitty litter boxes without explicit understanding of parameters up front. As housekeeping engineers, these things can be done, and we do incorporate them in the homes of those clients who need this done, and graciously allow us the extra time, and expense, they know these needs require. But dishes, laundry, children, pets, toys, excessive laundry and/or mountains of clutter all effect how much can be cleaned in your home (in that 4 hour time slot), and can greatly detract from proper attention to your home! At MAID 4 YOU our emphasis has always been HOUSE and OFFICE DEEEEP CLEANING!
  • If, for any reason, you must cancel your appointment for the day scheduled, please let us know 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be billed for a half day's cleaning ($50) for inability to reschedule another client into your time slot. The only exception is a death in your immediate family.
  • If we come to your home and your are not there - and have not notified us, or do not allow us a way to service your home when you've been called away, you will be charged a fee of $50 for the half day, as well as $20 for road time to and from your home, and the current day's gas price and usage to and from your home! We keep our appointments, and expect you to honour us by letting fully us serve you!
MAID 4 YOU does NOT honour fast time! If we serve you at 8:00 A.M. November through March, we will be at your home at 9:00 A.M. April through October. The same applies for afternoon appointments. If we serve at 1:00 p.m. November through March, we will be there no later than 2:00 p.m. April through October! This allows us to keep a VERY stabile structure of service in your homes and offices!

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope we have been able to give you an idea of what costs run today, and the types of cleaning services we offer. We would love to be able to serve YOU!

Have a grrreat day!

(She made you smile, huh?!)

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