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Hi! My name is Lynn. MAID 4 YOU came about when a friend and I were discussing various types of service the world seems to need today; and the key word was service! With so many people these days bemoaning the fact that actual service in all sectors seems all but non-existant, and myself ready for a career change, it just seemed that if I could do something for others with selfless service, that would be the nicest thing I could do for my fellow man.

As we brainstormed, the idea of maid service came up. I thought to myself, "Why not?" But not just service for whatever money was in it, but real SERVICE! And so, MAID 4 YOU was born. As of June 1st, 2006, we officially launched out; and we are still giving the best possible service available to our clients!

As I began my business in April of 2006, I knew I did not want to be just a "good" maid. I didn't want to barely do my job so that I could "skim" by in being barely acceptable (in terms of my job) with my clients. I wanted to be a great maid ... and I am! There is not one home I clean where I do not give 200% of myself! Even if my clients don't notice it (and they do), I would know if I were not providing my best. In a day and age where people are starved for quality and someone who cares, I provide both for you!

That means:
                         MAID 4 YOU equals 5-Star quality for you!

MISSION STATEMENT: When your home has been cleaned by MAID 4 YOU, you will SEE the difference our service brings to your home! This is our pledge! Our mission is the SERVICE we bring ... to you!

A SPECIAL AND PUBLIC THANKS TO ... My sister, Christina, who designs many of our logos and flyers ... and designs and prints out our business cards! Without your help, we would never accomplish all we find we can do -together! Thank you!     I Love you very much! You really are Musical Note pic"the wind beneathe my wings" Musical Note pic.


is now more centrally located!

Coming to you from Auburn, Indiana,
we are better able to serve Auburn,
the city of Fort Wayne, and
the Angola, Indiana area!


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Diana "Lynn" Tritch
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